September 21, 2023

Thinking to save money on self-drive car rentals in Coimbatore starts right with the best services to the various facilities that the car rental company provides.

Self drive car rental in Coimbatore offers customers various options to save money on car rentals with excellent service at pocket-friendly prices.

Tips To Save Money On Self-Drive Car Rentals 

Coimbatore is considered to be the second-largest city in the entire state of Tamil Nadu, India. It also has tourist hotspots that are famous among locals and tourists. 

Self rental cars in Coimbatore are a comfortable way to explore the place in self-pace as it gives a lot of freedom to drive around, making the trip enjoyable. Here are a few insider tips to save money on self-drive car rentals in Coimbatore,

Advance Online Booking

When Booking self-drive car rentals at the last minute, it tends to cost higher than expected for various reasons. Research and book online in advance to avail the best rates.

Price Comparison

Car rental companies put advertisements to capture prospective customers’ attention. Never fall for such ads as the rental price keeps fluctuating.

Consider checking multiple websites to get self drive cars in Coimbatore for low rent. Review the rental cost of the cars and then consider selecting the one that fits the budget and looks customer friendly.

Availing Discounts

Just before booking a car rental Coimbatore self-drive, check to avail discounts or redeem coupon codes if applicable. Always the query should be to ask the rental company for discounts.

Sometimes for loyal customers, car rentals provide almost thirty percent of discounts, and few even offer coupon codes to redeem in the future. When taking a membership, a lot of money could get saved.

Car Rental Package

When opting for self-rental cars in Coimbatore, selecting the rental facility as a package can save a lot of money.

Many noted car rental companies allow bookings without payment in advance. At the same time, check for companies offering lesser prices for booking rentals, as this will save money.

Research and then book self-drive cars as a package linked with flight and hotel booking, as this saves money.

Credit Card

Book with the card that offers maximum benefits when booking car rental services by credit card. Few cards offer complimentary insurance as additional coverage when traveling. It will help in declining the rental company’s offers concerning insurance.

Few credit cards give away significant discounts when a car rental gets booked with companies associated with them. Do avail of these services when possible.

Full Fuel Tank

Few self-drive car rental services insist on returning the rented car with full fuel. Hence it is better to check the terms and conditions before booking these rental companies. Otherwise, it will lead to more clarity and confusion.

It is advisable to fill fuels from petrol pumps away from the airports, as the pumps near the airports keep high-grade petrol which is expensive compared to regular gasoline. 

Always check the terms and conditions regarding the fuel to avoid discomfort when returning the rental car.

Checkout Time

Just like reserving a hotel room, few rental companies charge extra than a regular fee as a penalty if the car’s return time exceeds the pre-booked return date.

Therefore return the car the next day if the car’s return date has crossed. It is an easy way to save money.

Festive Season Bookings

Many self-drive car rental services offer heavy discounts during festivals. Booking the rental service at this time will save a lot of money.

Of course, this option is not possible for people using the self-drive car regularly every day to the office. Still, it is helpful for those who only take rental cars, not regularly, as they can save money by booking during festival times.

Booking In Group

Group booking the rental car service will help in getting bulk car discounts. If going out with family on a trip and extra one or more families can get accommodated for the trip, then the car rental company will give discounts as more people are there and hence there will be the requirement of more than one car or a bigger car. It saves money.

Membership Program

Joining a membership or a reward program in a car rental company is advisable for a person using a self-drive car thrice a month.

Joining such programs helps the customers earn loyalty points at all times when they book a car, and they can redeem these points per the terms & conditions of the car rental services.

Happy Hours

Searching for happy hours when booking a rental car helps in saving money, especially for those using the vehicle for work purposes.

Few customers require a rental car on non-peak hours every day. Considering this, the rental cars offer discounted rates provided the customers use the car during this time every day. The rental company will be declaring this period as happy hour. Customers get discounts for taking rental vehicles during this time of the day.

Depending upon the regularity of hiring the car at that particular time, a few rental companies declare that time of the day as a happy hour. Therefore, any customers who hire a car during this period get discounts.

The happy hour option is excellent for customers who hire the self-drive car rental even once a month, as they can also avail of the discounts given.

Free Parking Zone

Make delivery of the rental car at a free parking zone. Due to various factors, customers sometimes ask the rental companies to deliver the vehicle to a temple, airport, or even a five-star restaurant parking lot.

It will attract extra money like parking fees, tax, and other charges. Therefore, get the rental company to deliver the car at home or in a public place to avoid these unnecessary extra charges.


It is not easy to save maximum money by renting a car as the requirements and fancies of people differ, but it is possible too.

By following the tips and strategies, your hard-earned money could get saved. When renting a self-drive car, a clear plan outline should be devised properly.

Additionally, regularly taking the rental car service will help get additional offers, gifts, and discounts that could get redeemed in the long run, thus saving extra bucks.

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